Free Valuation Consultation

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Maximize Asset Sales

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate items of all shapes, sizes, values and ages. Common items received within the Auction Hall are likely to be easier and quicker to evaluate, with those rarer, typically expensive items occasionally requiring a second opinion and possibly more time. 

We can accommodate this through speaking with our network of partners throughout the UK who can often provide a more educated price evaluation. However, as always prices will depend on who wants the item on the day.

We receive daily enquiries as to the value of individual items, ranging from engagement rings to porcelain bowls. Please contact us with some details about your item, particularly pictures. 

Examples of single items range from Horseboxes/Trailers, Antique Pistols, Desks, Antique Gramophones & a Model T Wheel Table.

Generally, when dealing with electronics, sellers should not expect more than 5%-25% of the item's original value, particularly if the technology has moved on a generation (for example, Big Box Style Televisions vs. Flat Screen Televisions).

Rarer items such as Antiques can sell for varying amounts, depending on their age, quality and the demand for that item within the current market.

Bulk Items & Clearances


Optimise Space

Whether you have an entire house which you need cleared, or you simply have a bulk lot of items which you would like to sell, please contact us and we will be able to sell these within the Auction Hall (size permitting!)
For example, we have recently went through some bulk lots of fishing equipment selling multiple new and old rods, reels and various other fishing apparel.
Similarly we can quickly and carefully complete  house clearances at any property and put all items through a subsequent Auction. We can provide a prior evaluation of what we believe your items may be worth and what they might sell for over the course of one or more Auctions.