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Register with us

Provide us with your name, address and contact telephone details

Get a bidders number

our friendly staff will provide you with a number once we have your details. Don't worry we can keep hold of it for you until you come along to buy an item on the day.

Come to the auction

Come along to the auction on the Saturday and wait for the lot number of your desired item to be called out for sale and interest to all parties. If you cannot make it on the day to bid, then you can leave a 'Proxy Bid' stating the maximum value that you would have bid for if you were able to be physically present at the auction. Our auctioneer will bid on your behalf ensuring you pay the best price for the it em if you were to win it.

If you can't make it to the auction

A proxy bid is an absentee bid when you can't attend the auction in person it allows you to place a bid in your absence.

Pay for your item

Once you have won your item, come and see our friendly staff at the front desk. We will require payment before allowing any of the items off the premises

Once you have paid

Show your paid receipt to one of porters and they will move the item from the auction hall to the removals area so you can proceed to take your new item home.


How do I put items in for sale?

Selling at auction has numerous advantages over selling items individually yourself. For example, you do not need to deal with multiple enquires for single items, all from prospects looking to reduce your target price to one that suits them. Similarly, it can be a much quicker process when selling at auction, i.e. rather than waiting weeks if not months for the ideal buyer to come along, at auction you can usually get the best price that the market demands on the day of the auction.Finally, if you have multiple goods to sell, it can be difficult to find the time to liaise and present all of the multiple items to the different buyers - at auction, you provide all the items to the auction hose and they take care of everything for you.

If you would like to sell some of your items, we would more than happy to put them through our auction to try and get the best price that the market will demand.

Provide your details to our friendly staff

Provide your details to our friendly staff - i.e. your name, address and contact details we will do the rest

Provide details of the items that you wish to sell

Provide details of the items that you wish to sell. We can then ensure that we have room within the hall for your items to go into the next soonest auction. You will have to complete a Sale Form and indicate if you would like a reserve put on the items

How to get your items into auction

Bring the goods into the auction hall or arrange for them to be collected.

What happens next

Await the outcome of the auction. You can phone us to see if they sold.